I’m No Foodie But…

Let's Go to Italy Together!♥ I Do Love to Eat!

And enjoying the regional and traditional cuisine wherever I go is, for me, one of the greatest pleasures of traveling and truly living la dolce vita!

Now, I’m no where near as adventurous as Anthony Bourdain and some others who are willing (and even dedicated) to trying dishes with ingredients I simply cannot imagine eating…but I do love learning about and sampling (most) local specialties.

For me, you can’t separate cuisine from the history and culture of a place and of its people.

Food is culture. Food is history.  Recipes and techniques are often  lovingly passed down and taught from generation to generation. A thread and bond with the past is strengthened, perpetuated and proudly shared with you.

When we dine together, food is the common language that everyone speaks and understands.

When we share a meal, we share a tradition and an experience.  We come together, we connect, we make memories together.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no gourmet cook or foodie– I just love to eat! And I am a very grateful guest  with a healthy appetite and an enthusiastic appreciation for anything someone prepares for me!

And, really, nothing brings us together like food, does it?

Food is inextricably woven into our memories--the memory of sitting together and sharing the day at the kitchen table; the anticipation and memories of holidays and special occasions; the aroma of our favorite cookies baking in the oven…or sitting in a sidewalk caffè enjoying that perfect cappuccinoPhoto by Victoria De MaioLet's Go to Italy Together!♥ In the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of taking food/market walking tours and, may I say, I LOVE them! ♥

Yes, because I love to eat and I love meeting the local artisans and shopkeepers but also because I love knowing the delicious details –the stories, the traditions, the history–that add a special flavor to every morsel…

♥ I would love to share those special times with you. ♥

Won’t you join me? Let’s savor, sample and enjoy together

Let's Go to Italy Together!

In the Eternal City, Rome:

The Testaccio Neighborhood with Eating Italy – Rome!

Campo de’Fiori and Environs with Walks of Italy!

Photo by Victoria De MaioLet's Go to Italy Together!In Florence, the Heart of Tuscany:

Let’s Go Where the Locals Go with Walks of Italy!

Photo by Victoria De MaioLet's Go to Italy Together!

In Magical Venice:

The Rialto: A Cicchetti Crawl & Visit to the Fish Market with Walks of Italy

Photo by Victoria De Maio

Let's Go to Italy Together!Coming Soon: I’m No Gourmet Cook… but I Do ♥ Cooking Classes!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Send Me a Postcard!What’s your favorite foodie memory? Where would you like to take a foodie stroll?

Send Me a Postcard, Won’t You? Just comment below!


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9 Responses to I’m No Foodie But…

  1. To quote Guy Fieri “Awesome Sauce!!!” Victoria. Everything looked amazing and delicious – I’d try it all!!!! This must be why I didn’t loose any weight before my trip, I need my stomach to be in an expanded state (at least that’s the story I’m going with)

    I need to stop reading your posts mid morning because now I’m starving and lunch is 2 hours away, ha ha but I so enjoyed the trip

  2. Frank Umanzio says:

    Victoria//// The pictures are great…makes me sad not being there.. Maybe 2016 will provide the opportrunity… Have fun and Mangia bene!!! Frank Umanzio

    • Ciao, Frank!
      Oh, don’t be sad, make plans! I hope 2016 is the year for you! I do have fun and I definitely mangio bene! Is there any other way a mangiare in Italia?? Thank goodness there’s a lot of walking, too!
      Best to you, thank you for reading and commenting – greatly appreciated!

  3. Ishita says:

    Sigh! Wish I could. AMAZING pictures!

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