♦ ScrapbookZ from Puglia! Updated! ♦

Let's Go to Italy Together!Photo by Victoria De MaioWhen I look back at the photos (and there are literally thousands of them!) from the last and previous small groups trips I’ve taken to Puglia, I just can’t help but smile. My heart and mind is so full of incredible memories, fondness, and gratitude…

From the months of planning with my Puglia expert and partner, Ylenia of YLTour, to the marketing, organizing, and overseeing of all the details to welcoming everyone to Masseria Provenzani…

Photo by Victoria De Maio

Waiting to welcome you, too!

And now, we spend five (5) nights in at a luxury hotel in historic Lecce…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Then, the warm welcome with Ylenia and Michele, cooking in the cucina and at the Puglia Wine School with Yle, Mamma Giulia, Mamma Anna and Mamma Angelina…

Let's Go to Italy Together!Wine tasting with Michele at Puglia Wine School, Strada del Vino Enoteca and at boutique wineries such as LiVeli and Cantele…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Visiting Agricola Taurino with Donato, Valentino and Salvatore; touring and tasting at their olive oil farm… having a picnic under the trees and adopting my own olive tree…

Let's Go to Italy Together!Taking guided walks through the historic and picturesque cities with our amazing guides (and driven there by our fabulous driver); going to local markets and meeting local artisans at work creating pastries, gelato, mozzarella and and and…so much more!!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Well, when I “flip” through my Puglia ScrapbookZ, I’m ready to pack my bags and go back!

And I so want YOU to be in the pictures with me… enjoying la dolce vita and kicking up YOUR HeelZ with me in Puglia THIS SPRING or FALL!

Not convinced? Read what the 2014, 2015 and 2016

groups had to say about their experience! Then, let’s talk about YOUR trip!

Learn more about my unique, boutique experiences in


2017 Highlights!

Spring 2017: May 26 – June 4

Fall 2017: September 22 – October 1

Photo by Victoria De Maio

Won’t you join me for a slice of la dolce vita?

Let's Go to Italy Together!


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  1. Love seeing the photos!

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    So positively enticing!

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    Great fun photos

  4. Debra Kolkka says:

    It looks like a fun trip. I’m sure everyone had a great time.

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