La Dolce Vita–Salento Style–in Puglia!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Puglia!

Although this was my third visit to Puglia, I continue to be delighted by its beauty and uniqueness. 

The stunning architecture, the rich artistic history and culture, and the marvelous lifestyle. 

Let’s take a glimpse at three of her gems: Lecce, Gallipoli and Otranto.

   Lecce is called “the Florence of the south” . Sophisticated and friendly, it will surprise you as you walk through the historic center amid effusively ornamented Baroque churches, palazzos and balconies…

St. Croce- glorious Baroque!


embellished corbels and colorful balconies are everywhere..

The art of cartapesta, papier-mache, is uniquely Leccese.


a Roman amphitheater in Lecce’s main square.


Lecce’s coat of arms, the she wolf and the leccio tree.


Taralli, the local favorite snack, comes in all flavors.


Buildings of Leccese stone are almost luminous.


Gallipoli, is the known as “the city of the fishermen”and “the pearl of the Ionian”…as you stroll along her stunning sea front ramparts, you can look out, as far as the eye can see, onto the pristine aquamarine waters of the Ionian.

Then, just meander along the charming passageways and explore her cultural and historical sites (and her inviting shops).


Otranto is the easternmost city in #Puglia. Small and yet cosmopolitan, its medieval towers, gently winding streets, and important cathedral has been hosting pilgrims for centuries. 


Characterized by rich histories and traditions, all of these cities demand our respect and admiration. 

And they are all waiting for YOU! I hope to share these gems with you soon…

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6 Responses to La Dolce Vita–Salento Style–in Puglia!

  1. ishitasood says:

    Wow Victoria. I feel like I have just visited Puglia with you..What fun!

    • Grazie, Ishita dear!
      I love taking people along on this journey and sharing still another fabulous unique region of my beloved Italia! Save your $$ & join me one day, please!
      Un abbraccio grande,

  2. I had no idea how rich Puglia in artistic treasures! Thanks for sharing all of these great photos of your visit.

    • Ciao, Karen!
      At last I am back and wanted to respond and thank you for visiting and commenting! I know you are an artist and have an artist’s eye :D. Puglia is indeed rich with artistic treasures and beauty. I’m so thrilled to “introduce” you to it! Can I hope that one day you will join us for an experience Pugliese style?? 😀
      Un abbraccio,

  3. Natalie DeSimon says:

    Too beautiful for words. Visited the area in the Fall of 2006 with Arthur Schwartz’ Roots Tour. Couldn’t have asked for a better place to visit and enjoy the hospitality, food and people. Thank you Victoria for bringing back so many beautiful memories.

    • Ciao, Natalie!
      Grazie for visiting and commenting. I just returned and am in “catch up” mode and definitely wanted to respond to your lovely comment.
      Puglia is fabulous and so very authentic. I’m gratified to have reminded you of beautiful memories and hope you will be making more soon! Your next destination is…?
      Thank you also for following…lots more coming…

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