Getting Ready, Getting All Go!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Now, it’s the home stretch to…Italy!

How I get ready and some tips for YOU!

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Last week I shared about how Italy is my “moveable feast”…the place that I carry in my heart wherever I go…and I shared how, in a few days — 72 hours to be exact! — I will once again be seeking and savoring my la dolce vita.

Months of planning all come down to this:

 I’ve made my to do lists and checked them more than twice including…

Got the how, where, when, and how long?  Check!

Booked, planned, arranged, budgeted and almost packed? Check!

Checked the weather (often), tweaked the packing list (several times)? Si!!!

Got my passport, my euros, adapters, walking shoes, vitamins, and every other thing on my list? Check!

Called the bank and credit card companies, made copies of my personal info, took care of all instructions for LuluKitty, etc.? Check!

OK, I confess…Im definitely a compulsive list making, over thinking traveler and I admit to having a tendency to over pack (the flip side of being a good packer is that you can squeeze in just a little bit too much).

However, I will only bring my 22” TravelPro carry on (although I do check it through) and my new Lipault 19” Weekend bag —which I LOVE and will carry on…period!

travel planning

Ready to enjoy the sweet life again!

 When I get on that airplane, I like to be absolutely sure I’ve not only taken care of everything on the home front but that I have made all of my plans, reservations, etc. so that I can really relax and enjoy my experience. Sure, I leave space for serendipities but just “showing up” without any research or idea of what I want to do or see? Hmmmm...not for me!

We all have different comfort levels. Some people pack the night before they leave. Some don’t like making plans. You have to find what works for you, your travel “style”.

And, whatever your style may be, I have some excellent resources for you…so, please read on!

Let's Go to Italy Together!So, it’s your turn – time to plan that next getaway? I’ve found that whether it’s a weekend, a week or several weeks, there are always some basics that need to be covered. So, let ‘s cover those bases, shall we?

I have great advice–all of which I have learned the hard way and want to share with you!

Basic Travel Planning Tips

What Kind of Vacation Do You Want?

Consider New Options: Is a Tour or Cruise for You?

Take Care of Biz

Don’t Forget to…

Don’t Forget Your 4-Legged Friends

You SHOULD Take it with You (Packing Tips)

“Just in Case…”

Be Savvy, Not Sorry!

Get the Most from Your Trip!

Just DO IT!!

Make your next trip your once-in-a-lifetime trip!!!

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What Travel Planning Tip Would You Like to Share?


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6 Responses to Getting Ready, Getting All Go!

  1. suzette seagoe says:

    have a wonderful time!!! I will be traveling vicariously with you!

  2. Stephanie says:

    So exciting! Can’t believe you’re almost back in Italy again and so sad we’ll just be missing each other while there. But I wish you a safe and thrilling adventure Bella!

    • Very exciting…I so wish we could have connected, but someday!! How is your epic adventure?
      I’ll be sharing mine and you’ll be with me every toast and taste along the way!
      Hugs, cara!

  3. Can’t wait to read all about your latest and greatest trip!!! It’s always exciting to enjoy your adventures vicariously, but I really want to be “up close and personal” for your next excursion! Have a wonderful time and eat lots of gelato for me!

    • Sandra,
      I will be sharing & enjoying all of that – especially gelato! What’s your fav flavor, I’ll have one for you!
      Si, I want you to be there with me – next spring, perhaps???
      Hugs & gratitude for your support!

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