The People We Meet Along the Way or the Unexpected Rewards of Blogging (The First in a Series)

Finding kindred spirits on line (no, not!) but on the social media platform has been and continues to be gratifying, enriching and so much fun!

Read about how I met Stephanie Mayo, curator of Lady of the Zoos and The World As I See It, and how it has evolved into a wonderful friendship…and an Interview for her Writer’s Wednesday Series!

PostcardZ from Victoria

Meeting a Kindred Spirit, Stephanie Mayo

When I launched my blog almost three years ago, I had no (and I do mean NO!) idea of all of the serendipities and where blogging would/could all lead. And I’m still finding out but initially my goal was to write about travel, get some affiliate marketing jump started, and chronicle my upcoming month traveling in Italy…

And that all happened…but over the last three years, so much MORE has happened that I never expected – namely, finding a community of fabulous fellow bloggers and loving it, embracing social media and loving it, writing a lot more and loving it, traveling to Italy more and loving it…you get my drift, right?

Well, as with anything (for me), it’s really people that make it all worth while. When I was just starting one of my very first followers was a young gal from Toronto, Canada. Her name was Stephanie Mayo and her blog/site was Lady of the Zoos. We were both really beginners on WordPress. We immediately wondered if we were related since my last name is De Maio and she was steady and faithful in commenting on my blog, liking my posts and being an encouraging fellow blogger. I tried to do the same which wasn’t hard since I’m an animal lover, we both loved travel and it was fun the two fledglings support each other….

So, we stayed in touch via our blogs and then, sometime in 2013 she wrote that she was planning a solo adventure to the West Coast of the US – and planning to visit zoos from San Diego to Seattle. Well, we have a pretty sweet zoo here in Santa Barbara so I encouraged her to come for a visit. She added it to her itinerary and when she asked about reasonable places to stay (in Santa Barbara?), I didn’t hesitate. No qualms , not a doubt in my mind—I immediately extended an invitation to stay with me for the time she would be here.

She was thrilled. I was thrilled. It turned out to be absolutely the most fun!  We had already bonded over mutual interests (including loving our cats!) and I really felt that I had met my little soul sister! From blogging…who knew?

We stay in touch and it’s so much fun to see where the paths are leading. She ’s getting ready to leave for her epic adventure, a 3-month solo trip to Europe and I’m getting ready to lead my third tour in Puglia as well as extended travels in Italy. Two kindred spirits following their passion!

Stephanie somehow manages two blogs and both of them, as well as her social media presence, have burgeoned. I’m just so proud of her. I treasure her friendship and support.

She was one of the very first to order and review my book for me so when she asked if I would do an interview for The World As I See It, well, naturally I was thrilled and honored…

So, thank you Stephanie, I can’t wait to see what’s next for both of us and for our paths to cross again!

Check out my interview with Stephanie for her Writer’s Wednesday Series…


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5 Responses to The People We Meet Along the Way or the Unexpected Rewards of Blogging (The First in a Series)

  1. What a wonderful tribute to the friendships/connections we make through this process! I can’t tell you (you already know) how much I value the connection you and I have made…it’s a wonderful thing to show support and appreciation for each other! Grazie!

    • Phyllis,
      Thank you soooo much! Yes, this connection is treasured from this side of the border, too! That’s what makes it all so worthwhile and gratifying. We find those kindred souls and new friendships and bonds are formed. Truly wonderful indeed!
      Looking forward to OUR photo together and writing about it…soon? (Fingers crossed!)

  2. What a beautifully written piece Victoria! I am so honoured to have gone on this journey with you and thrilled to call you my friend. I wish you loads of fun, great food and new experiences one your upcoming trip! Here’s to making new friends!

    • Steph,
      It works both ways! We’re on quite a path and to share and support one another is truly a blessing. Wishing you all of the same and I know we’ll both be writing and chronicling and maybe, hopefully inspiring others to join us!
      Hugs to you!

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