A Wonderful “First” for PostcardZ from Victoria!

Let's Go to Italy Together!On Sunday, March 1st, I had my very first talk/presentation and book signing based on my very first book: “Victoria’s Travel Tipz Italian Style”!

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It’s the stuff that a would-be wanna-be writer’s dreams are made of! And, no doubt, it was a dream come true!

I loved sharing the “stage” with fellow author/presenter and lover of all things Italian, Susan Van Allen.

The “Italy” event was hosted by CircaTerra Travel Outfitters here in Santa Barbara and over 50 guests RSVP’d! WOW!

We had a full house – standing room only! (No pressure!?) It was especially wonderful to see the faces of so many supportive friends in the audience.

GRAZIE Bob, Sheldon & Alice, Milt & Letty, Susie, Joan, Gail, Antonio, Patti, Bev (& friends), Margaret, Philip, Marilyn, Deborah, Ale & Cary, & Susan…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

♥ There were only two faces missing in the audience that would have made it a truly perfect evening ~ my parents ~ they would have been so proud… ♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!

A great experience indeed! The first of many I hope!

As a matter of fact, there are two more upcoming March EventZ!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

V-sightseeing - small no LuluI would absolutely love to come and give an Italy travel tips talk and book signing for your group or organization!

Send me a note and let’s chat about it, shall we?

And, say “Si”! if you’re ready to COME TO ITALY with ME!!


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About PostcardZ from Victoria

Wish you were here! I love sharing my passion for travel and insights I've learned along the way. Enjoy my travel tips and inspiration with a lighthearted twist! Join me as we create a forum for sharing experiences and information! Enjoy my newly updated & edited book, "Victoria's Travel TipZ Italian Style!" with MORE great TipZ and then, let's go to Italy together!
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6 Responses to A Wonderful “First” for PostcardZ from Victoria!

  1. Sandra says:

    Excellent and it sounds like you had a fantastic attendance and response!!! Congratulations and I can’t wait ’til you are in our area promoting your book.

    • Sandra,
      Grazie! I just found out that there were over 80 attendees! Wow! Very wonderful, exciting and a learning experience, too.
      Keeping fingers crossed for lots more like it.
      Grateful for your encouragement and support!

  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    Congratulations! It must have been fun.

  3. So proud of what you have accomplished! Those two faces were not missing V…they were there and they are so proud…look at what our daughter is doing…she’s amazing! And so say us!

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