Travel Planning 101

Where to start? So many choices! Too many choices?

Need advice? Who do you trust?

Now that we’re just entering the new year, no doubt it’s time to start thinking seriously (if you haven’t already) about your 2016 travel plans. A while back I wrote akeys questions answers post, Planning a Vacation is NO Vacation. And the truth is, it can be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating.

The fact is, we all have different planning styles; some people like to plan way, way in advance…others prefer to be more impulsive or not get to far out on their calendar (just in case).

When IS the best time to take that trip to Italy?

Back in the day, waiting could mean last minute airfare wars and bargain rates. I say back in the day because, as far as I’m concerned, those days are a memory. With the emergence and domination of the internet and access by virtually everyone to travel information and booking options, I’m finding that being impulsive and waiting can cost you not only  budget $$ but, getting the reservation/rate you want at all! Maybe you’re a risk taker and willing/able to take that gamble but I’m more on the sure bet/conservative side.

That said, I’ve written a LOT about travel planning, budgeting, etc., and how to get t he most from that precious time and those precious $$! And, not just because I’m a travel consultant and tour leader but because I’ve been there/done that I want to share and, hopefully, provide tips and advice that will make your planning and your next trip memorable and rewarding.

♦    ♦  ♦  ♦ 

So, let’s begin, shall we?

♦  When IS the Best Time to Travel?

♦  15 Essential Tips for Planning Your Next Trip

♦  Is it a Multi-Generational or Special Occasion Vacation?

♦  Do you have special interests such as Eco-Tourism or Food Tourism

♦  Will you be traveling Solo?

♦  Have you considered a Tour? Misconceptions About Tours & How to Choose a Tour

♦  Have you considered a Cruise? Misconceptions About Cruises & How to Choose a Cruise

♦  On a bit of a budget and looking into a house, apartment , or room rental? Home on the Road

Now, a few words about planning what you want to do when you get there:

♦  Rewarding Sightseeing

So, that should keep you busy for a while but I do suggest that you start now!Travel TidBitZ

And, by the way, I’m here to help!

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