A Stroll Through Orvieto, the “City in the Sky”

Let's Go to Italy Together!The quintessential medieval town of Orvieto, built on a tufa outcropping–a volcanic “plug”–sits like the a jewel on a crown in the Umbrian countryside.

Orvieto, with its panoramic views of the lush green surrounding hillsides and valleys, is the personification of why poet Giosue Carducci called Umbria “the green heart of Italy”.Orvieto - VictoriaLet's Go to Italy Together!

Virtually impregnable for centuries, today Orvieto can be accessed by car (you need to drive and park outside the historic center or train/park down below and take the Bracci funicular to get to the top of the plateau). Then you can either walk or  take a taxi or shuttle to the main square.

It’s not hard to understand why Orvieto is a popular destination. Despite its access challenges you’ll find the foot traffic, especially on holidays and in high season, to be quite heavy. However, that won’t prevent you from enjoying its allure and attractions.

Strolling through Orvieto will certainly consume more than one post! Let’s start with the local and inviting historical center which, thankfully, is a pedestrian zone.

Depending on how you get there, when you reach the intersection of Corso Cavour (which leads you to Piazza della Repubblica) and Via Duomo which meanders to  Piazza del Duomo, going in either direction offers the visitor an abundance of tempting and attractive shops, eateries, and historical gems (which we will get to in another post!).

If you have an appetite, there are numerous ristorantes, cafès, and enotecas offering renowned local specialties often featuring truffles and cinghale (wild boar).

If you head toward Piazza del Duomo, stop in at cozy Cantina Foresi. Not only will you be treated to a view of Orvieto’s spectacular Duomo but your congenial host, Alessandro, will be happy to serve a delicious sampler of local formagi, salumi, and some pasta paired with Orvieto Classico bianco or Rosso Orvietano.

If you ask, perhaps he will show you the wine cellar (Orvieto is full of caves, wells, and cellars!) which actually extends under the Piazza and where wine has been made and stored for generations.

More culinary delights present themselves at every turn!  Perhaps some truffle dusted pasta at La Paloma or artisanal gelato at Il Gelato di Pasqualetti?

Or, stop by Spizzica & Muzzica, un forno & gastronomia Siciliana, and say hello to Davide from Palermo.  And, if you do, please have a cannolo for me!  

If you’re lucky you might even be visiting during a local event or festival, perhaps a chocolate fair? If not, there plenty of shops and galleries to explore. You’ll find friendly locals proudly offer their artisanal typici produtti and crafts.

Among them are Morando and his wife, Rosaria, of  Casa Parrina where they offer a divine selection of delectable treats including pasta di nocciola (creamy hazelnut butter) and miele vino (honey wine).  Everything is sourced from their very own azienda agricola  and, yes, samples are enthusiastically offered!

I dare you to visit Maria at her shop, Il Crogiolo on via dei Magoni and not walk away with one of her lovely hand woven scarves (I have mine from several years ago and it’s my favorite!). Also, lavori fatti a mano (hand made) are Walter’s enchanting ceramics at his laboratorio di ceramica, L’Arpia, on Corso Cavour. Well, how can you resist? I didn’t! And this is only a smattering of the profusion of wonderful boutiques in Orvieto!

Be sure to wander into side streets and alleys. Like so many labyrinthine Italian hill towns, it’s virtually impossible to get lost and you’re certain to discover hidden treasures tucked away here and there…

If you’ve only planned a day trip, you’ll quickly realize that you should’ve allowed a few days to linger. We haven’t even begun to explore the historical sites, notably Orvieto’s magnificent Duomo…

More about those coming soon! Let's Go to Italy Together!

Would you love to explore Orvieto and her sister hill towns in Umbria?

Well, you can! Contact me today and I can help YOU plan your unforgettable experience exploring and savoring the “green heart of Italy!

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8 Responses to A Stroll Through Orvieto, the “City in the Sky”

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    Orvieto is one of my favourite towns in Italy…so much to see.

    • Ciao Debra!
      Si! D’accordo! It’s quite lovely and alluring. It was quite wet when I was there last spring but hoping that this fall trip with a group will be “sunnier”. In any case, it’s certainly a jewel!

  2. ambiancedaix says:

    So enjoyed this about one of our favorite Italian towns – were just there for Umbria Jazz Winter!

    • Grazie for stopping by and sharing! I appreciate it! I’ve never visited for the jazz fest, but I was there for a chocolate festival! Orvieto is favoloso, isn’t it?
      Do stop by again, per favore! More coming!

  3. Agreed Victoria, such a lovely town…bought an awesome cameo bracelet at a little shop across from the Duomo that I love…the tour of the underground Etruscan caves is fantastic too…wouldn’t have missed that. Lastly the fascade of the Duomo is one of the most beautiful I have see to date…Orvieto is well worth the visit and spending time just wandering around!

    • Ciao ancora, Phyllis!
      Yes, it is all of that! I stayed several days with a friend and did the caves, Duomo and all. Stay tuned for a post about the Duomo (which I agree is absolutely breathtaking) and more about Orvieto (where we are going on my Umbria tour in fall!).

  4. Molly says:

    I really enjoyed this, Victoria! It’d been years since I’d visited Orvieto and last summer during the high season on a day off I took just a day trip. It really renewed my energy. I love this Vicolo dei Dolci, too! Now I can’t wait for you to visit Pistoia when you’re here. On a day trip from Florence. You can come back on the train with me! :-)

    • Ciao e grazie, Molly!
      I’m so pleased that you enjoyed revisiting Orvieto with me! There’s so much to see and enjoy – today I just published a short post about the magnificient Duomo (which never ceases to dazzle!).
      I am definitely coming to Pistoia as I want to visit with you & Miky when I’m there! Looking forward to a wonderful time!

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