“Under Construction”

Where’s that magic wand when you need it!!!

Have you ever seen those signs, “Excuse the mess” or “Excuse our dust”? Yeah, what a pain! “Under Construction” – in other words, “we’re working on it”!under constructionWell, here I am asking you to please excuse my “dust” while…

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PostcardZ from Victoria!

I’ve been mulling over a change in my blog site/brand name for some time, sooooo what better time than the “new year”?  Yeh, that’s what I thought!

Well, the plan was set in motion and while the “transition” to the new identity (which isn’t, by the way, drastically different) isn’t huge (or so I thought!), technologically it’s a different story. So what should have been simple…

One_way_traffic well…not quite!

signpost 4

So, for a few days or so ( I hope that’s all!), there may be a little “dust”,  a few “potholes” (i.e. missing photos) and “wrong way” links here and there. New “signs” (headline banners) are in the works and sooner or later Google, etc. will catch up with the changes, too!

In the meanwhile, I’m doing all that I can to make PostcardZ from Victoria a place you want to visit often!

blog targetThank you for your patience!!!


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Wish you were here! I love sharing my passion for travel and insights I've learned along the way. Enjoy my travel tips and inspiration with a lighthearted twist! Join me as we create a forum for sharing experiences and information! Enjoy my newly published book, "Victoria's Travel TipZ Italian Style!" and then let's go to Italy together!
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  1. I am sure it will be fantastic once done! Funny, I’ve been doing some thinking about mine too!

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