Happy RE-New Year!!

I’m re-surrecting and updating my post from a year ago…

Out with the Old, In with RE-New!!

re – a prefix, occurring originally in loan words from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition. (dictionary.com)

Re-member, re-collect, re-solve, re-discover, re-invent, re-vise, re-invigorate, re-infuse, re-lease, re-vive, re-create, re-view, re-start, re-do, re-visit…re-joice!

V- Positano

Re-flecting on 2014 – It’s Been Re-markable!

Lose weight, exercise more, spend less, clean out the (fill in the blank), eat healthier, take a class and learn how to (fill in the blank), start (fill in the blank), quit (fill in the blank)… Sound familiar?

Ah, the ubiquitous New Year’s Resolutions! Make ’em, break ’em! Re-make ’em…over and over…or, maybe not…

For years I dutifully wrote my goals down with a determined re-solve! Then I realized that most of them sounded oddly familiar…because they were re-peated from the prior year! Oh dear…sigh…what now?

*** Time to re-flect without re-gret! ***

Well, I have a proposition for you (and me!) based on this definition of re-solution: (derived from Latin resolvere) –  to review, undo, let go.  And since re-solve is defined as making a firm or earnest decision about something

I propose that rather than re-peat the old, that we make a firm decision to bring a sense of re-newal and sparkle to every day! Forget that long daunting list…just a little something…every day! Now, won’t that be fun?

Victoria - SELFIE

…And 2015 Promised to Be Re-ally Fabulous, Too!

First, let’s re-flect, with a nice dose of gratitude, on all that was fabulous in 2014. It’s easy to go to the guilty place about all that we didn’t do; all that woulda-coulda-shoulda stuff, isn’t it? Yeh, me too! Well, let’s re-lease that and, re-focus on all that fabulous…wow! Re-markable!

So, let’s start there, let’s re-fine our 2015 re-solutions and not only re- surrect those dreams, but embrace new ones!

And, of course, I have to bring up travel, don’t I? I encourage you to start a new travel tradition. Armchair or otherwise, give those imaginations new life. Make a way, find a way…dream, plan, let’s go!!

Thank YOU for being a part of my 2014 travel dreams!

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Thanks to YOU, 2015 looks pretty darn promising! Get the picture??? ;D

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2 Responses to Happy RE-New Year!!

  1. Nice post…it’s really good to remind ourselves of what was good instead of beating ourselves up about the woulda-coulda-shoulda stuff…hate the guilt from all that and don’t we all! So here’s to a fantastic 2015 filled with whatever makes us feel great!

    • Yes! Happy RE-NEW Year to you! Leave all the “stuff” in 2014 & move on, si? Looking to toasting together in 2015, Phyllis!
      And let me say, again, your comments and support have been a true gift and I thank you!
      Hugs from California!

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