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Let's Go to Italy Together!When I planned my stay in Rome in spring of 2014, the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s was a must and I wanted to go with a tour company that would get us early access to the Sistine Chapel.

My tour with Through Eternity was exactly what I was looking for. Caterina, our expert guide, ushered us through four informative and fascinating hours. Needless to say, early access to the Sistine Chapel (before the hordes arrived – and I do mean hordes!) was phenomenal. One could literally spend days wandering through the Museum. It is vast!

Appreciating timeless beauty...

Appreciating timeless beauty…

Having an expert lead us to the highlights of the various galleries made the visit far more worthwhile and far less challenging that trying to go it alone!Let's Go to Italy Together!

So when I was going to return to Rome in fall (2014), I turned to Through Eternity for another tour I wanted to take, a tour of the Capitoline Museums.

This time, I asked if they would sponsor my visit and they graciously agreed. I’m more than happy to share about my second experience with Through Eternity and to absolutely encourage you to consider their tours in Rome!

 The Capitoline Museums: The Wonders of Greco-Roman Art Tour with MarioRome fall 2014

The Musei Capitolini, Capitoline Museums, sit majestically on Capitoline Hill. Capitoline Hill has always played an important part in Rome’s history–from its founding through the middle ages to today. Once where the most important buildings of Rome stood and where the senate of Rome met, even today city hall is here.

Our meeting place is by one of the statues at the top of the stairs. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call them stairs…it’s a quite impressive cordinata, which is Italian for graded ramp, which leads to the main piazza.Rome fall 2014

The main square, Piazza del Campidolgio, is truly magnificent. In the 16th century, Pope Paul II wanted to redesign the square and the buildings surrounding it. He enlisted Michelangelo but the project stalled when Michelangelo died and  it wasn’t completed until the 17th century. It’s so magnificent, one can only hope that Michelangelo is looking down upon his heavenly design.

There are three buildings in the Piazza: Palazzo Senatoro, Palazzo dei Conservatori (now the Capitoline Art Museum), and Palazzo Nuovo (now the Capitoline Museum with the stunning Greco-Roman antiquities collection).Rome fall 2014

In the center of the square stands a tremendous bronze of Marcus Aurelius (a copy, the original is in the museum) ready to lead another victory march through Rome!Rome fall 2014

And now we’re ready to follow Mario back to ancient Greco-Roman times. Starting in the Palazzo Nuovo and finishing in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, he shares and encapsulates thousands of years of fascinating history into two hours – whew! No small task!Rome fall 2014

We are introduced to statues, mosaics, paintings, artifacts…a remarkable collection including: the famous she-wolf suckling the twins Remus and Romulus (for whom Rome was named)…Rome fall 2014

…massive pieces from a giant statue of Emperor Constantine II, the touching sculpture of the “Dying Gaul” and, of course, the original bronze of Marcus Aurelius

Rome fall 2014
There is just so much to see! You could spend days here! But our two hours is just perfect. Rome fall 2014

Rome fall 2014Seeing and learning about the highlights was an ideal way to be introduced to the Capitoline Museums.Let's Go to Italy Together!

Grazie,Through Eternity!

If you’re going to Rome, Please check out the fabulous tour itineraries offered by Through Eternity!


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