My Road Leads Back to Rome…


I was in Rome in spring and feel very fortunate (and very excited) to be returning again this fall.

If you read my previous post, you know that I’ll be in Puglia again…then I hope you will follow along as I revisit the Eternal City, Roma!

In spring I did a lot of walking and exploring, but, along with my incredible 5 Star Day with Baglioni Hotels , the highlights were my guided tours with Walks of Italy and Through Eternity!

My road leads back to Rome!

My road leads back to Rome!

I’m a firm believer in investing in quality tours. I did a lot of research to find the tours that offered what I wanted to see/do and were available on the dates I would be there. It had been a LONG time since I had been to Rome and I had never invested in tours…this time it was different and I’m so glad I did invest (and implore you to do the same!).

With Through Eternity, Caterina took us on a 4+ hour fascinating tour of the Sistine Chapel (with early entry–do it!), the Vatican Museum and St. Peters. So enriching and interesting…phenomenal!

Appreciating timeless beauty...

Appreciating timeless beauty…

On another day, I joined Walks of Italy for a tour of Ancient Rome including the Forum and the Colosseum with special access to the hypogeum and 3rd tier. This tour, with Jon, was equally fascinating and informative.

Touring the colossal Colosseum!

Touring the colossal Colosseum!

You can read guide books and study all about it (and I do!) but the real icing on the cake is to then take a tour and be walked through these sites with knowledgeable experts…fabulous!Spacer-LaDolceVitaSO, with that in mind, I am very VERY excited to be taking four (4) amazing tours in October!

As the guest, I will be enjoying, taking zillions of photos and sharing all about them during and after. Here’s what I will be doing!Victoria ebook wine & gelato

Walks of Italy
Rome Food Tour: Pizza-Making, Markets & Tastings   
The Trastevere neighborhood is famous for its food and uniqueness. We’ll enjoy 3-1/2 hrs of exploring, tasting & savoring the best it has to offer! Then pizza-making!


Eating Rome
Taste of Testaccio Food Tour
Si, another fantastic walking/eating tour in another fabulous neighborhood, Testaccio. 4 hours featuring nine authentic food stops with 12 delicious tastings! Buonissimo!


Now to give my spandex a break….

Tour of the Christian Churches and Basilicas of Rome
Have you ever walked into a church or basilica and wondered about the history and art? I have! And in this 3 hour walking tour we will visit and learn about: St. John in Lateran, the Baptistry of St. John, San Clemente Church and the underground, St. Peter’s in Chain (with Michelangelo’s famous statue), and, St. Mary Major.


Through Eternity
Capitoline Museums: The Wonders of Greco-Roman Art Capitoline Museum is home to many of the treasures of ancient Rome and I have wanted to visit it for ages. This 2 hour tour is a wish fulfilled!


I want to thank all of these amazing and generous tour companies in advance. I look forward to returning to and seeing more of Rome with you!

What more could a gal ask for, besides gelato and new shoes???



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  1. OMG…if only…as I mentioned, we are not scheduled for our Return to Roma until next September…and I can only hope you will be there at that time so we can join in some of these tours! We are watching all sort of television programmes about Rome just to keep us from feeling sad that we won’t be there for a year!

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