Travel TidBitZ is Back with a Question: Is NOW the Best Time to Travel?

Today’s Travel TidBitZ is Back with a Question:

Is NOW the Best Time to Travel?

Last fall I was invited to write a guest post about the best time to travel, specifically to Italy. Well, my answer was, of course, any time! But, of course there are always better times to travel anywhere.

V-ostuniSince summer (i.e., high season) officially goes into full swing this week, maybe you’ve already got those summertime plans in place (I hope so!). Or did you procrastinate and now…uhoh!

Well, all is not lost…one of the optimal travel seasons, fall, is still several months away and, if you can there’s time to take advantage of “off” or “shoulder” season travel. (Spring is considered the other optimal travel season.)

So, let’s take another look see when is the best time to travel for YOU! 
V- Positano

The Best Time to Take that Trip to Italy

Shoulder Season Travel and Making the Best of High Season Travel

If you want to go to Italy but don’t have a clue where to start planning, how to plan or even the time to plan; or maybe you don’t have a partner or friend to travel with, and you would love to do something unique and affordable…

I have the perfect trip for you!


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When do you start your travel planning?

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