Where is La Dolce Vita??

Victoria - RomeCiao da Italia! Hello from Italy!

If you have missed me, you will be glad to know that all is well here in Bella Italia – I am just finishing day #28 of my fabulous, perfect, and marvelous six week journey. (And, yes, I am coming home!)

I promised I would send you messages all along the way, so I send my apologies because technology doesn’t always do what it is supposed to do! In other words, the best laid plans…

However, everything else has been perfection! I have taken over 2400 photos,some videos and many many notes – I have much to share with you when I return home the end of May.

From my visit to Umbria, then two fabulous weeks in Puglia, then to the Amalfi, and now Rome, and soon to Florence – before I return home the end of this month – I have experienced “la dolce vita” and I cannot wait to share it with you!!

Traveling with a fabulous group of friends while connecting with new friends has made this experience all the richer.

I hope I can find the words to communicate and share all that I hope to communicate and share with you. Maybe the images will do a better job-I will do my best… But most of all I hope that I will share the heart and spirit of these people and this place that I love so much!

And then I can only hope that you will join me this fall or next spring and experience “la dolce vita” with me!

Ci vediamo presto! Until then, un abbraccio!!


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6 Responses to Where is La Dolce Vita??

  1. Pam Allado says:

    Victoria…what a terrific trip Rudy and I had with you and the whole group of 13 peeps. We’re still sharing our stories with our friends; Mama Julia telling me to “love your dough” at cooking class, seeing how ricotta cheese, gelato, and desserts are made, and loving the countryside and coastal villages of Puglia. These memories made will never be forgotten. Grazie!

    • Ciao Pam!
      Grazie for your comments – I am beyond thrilled that you both enjoyed our time together in Puglia!
      When I get home I look forward to touching bases with everyone and sharing many of the stories and photos we shared.
      Missing both of you!

  2. So happy to hear you are having a fabulous time….got home yesterday, spent the night in Firenze…sad to leave. We simply have to create La dolce vita wherever we are and remember what it is about Italy that we can’t seem to get enough of!

    • Phyllis,
      Ciao! Sorry this is so late in coming…just back on Monday and getting caught up! You know the drill!
      Si, la dolce vita is wherever we are – like you, I loved my travels and am already thinking about “next time”!
      Grazie for all of your comments and sharing! Maybe next time we’ll have some gelato together in Rome?

  3. So glad your have a marvelous time! And sometimes not blogging along the way just gives you more time to enjoy and relish in your travels! Can’t wait to read and hear all about it!

    • Stephanie,
      Forgive this late response to your sweet comments. Blogging became almost impossible (live & learn!). And I did relish and enjoy la dolce vita! Lots to share over the next weeks.
      Grazie for your support and for sharing. Now, save your euros and come with me in 2015!

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