Today’s Travel TidBitZ: When IS the Best Time to Travel?

Today’s Travel TidBitZ for Tuesday, February 25:

Ready to start planning?

Ready to start planning?

When IS the Best Time to Travel?

My short answer: Whenever you can! In other words, sometimes, we simply don’t have a choice, but if we do have a choice, the “shoulder” or “off season” is definitely optimal. And when is that? In the travel business, they’ll tell you it’s in spring and fall.

Although April/May and September/ October or the “shoulder seasons” are generally accepted as the best time to travel, here’s the rub, it’s no secret!

So, if you’re thinking that by choosing “shoulder” or “off season” you don’t have to concern yourself about availability or rates, you’ll be disappointed. You may not like planning ahead, but trust me there are thousands of others (worldwide) who do…

Of course, there are other factors determining when we can or want to travel – family, interests, work, etc….and if you’d like some help…

My best advice is right here!

And because I love giving advice…here’s some more:

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Come with Me…

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