Travel TidBitZ: Who Said “Timing is Everything”?

Today’s Travel TidBitZ: Who Said “Timing is Everything”?

Well, They Were Right!

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How is your timing?

Travel TidBitZ: Who Said “Timing is Everything”?

Let’s Hope Our (Travel) Timing is Good!

Well, when I researched, it seems that a lot of people  are credited with saying “timing is everything”…and, it’s often quoted and repeated by many of us. Certainly, when it comes to travel, there’s no doubt that timing is important although what is good timing is a matter of opinion.

After Labor Day, tourists head home, a large segment of the population goes “back to school”, the crowds thin out and locals come out of hiding and take a deep sigh of relief! Summer souvenirs go on sale and so do airfares, lodging, etc. The shoulder season begins…

Time was when there was high season (pretty much when schools had vacation) and low or off season  (pretty much when schools were in session), i.e., from Memorial to Labor Day (except for winter and spring breaks).

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When is the best time to plan that vacation?

At some point, lines were blurred and a new travel season evolved. The airline and entire hospitality industry redefined high and low and now there’s something in between called the shoulder season. And for a large segment of the population, those fortunate enough to have a choice, it is definitely the preferred time to travel.

Of course, sometimes we just don’t have a choice. If you want to get away, it has to be when you and whomever you’re traveling with can schedule your time together. And depending on your destination(s) and what you want to see/do, the optimal time can vary as well.

Finding that “perfect” travel window takes some research, planning, and yes, good timing. The bottom line? All seasons have their advantages and disadvantages. The best time to travel is when you can! Whether you’re limited or not to any particular season, the key is to make the best of it and to travel smart! And remember, timing IS everything!

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