Travel TidBitZ: P-A-C-K is a Four-letter Word!

Today’s Travel TidBitZ: P-A-C-K is a Four-letter Word!

We Love to Travel, We Hate to Pack.

Thank you for joining me this morning!  Tidbit is defined as a morsel, snack, bite, treat, a small taste of something…a tiny little bit of information revealed…

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We love to travel…but packing?

* Today’s TidBitZ  for Monday, July 22nd*

 P-A-C-K is a Four-letter Word!

Does Anyone Really Like to Pack?

I would venture to say that packing is one of the least (if not the least) favorite parts of travel planning. And it doesn’t seem to matter how long or how far we’re going, it’s a job.

Some of us dread it so much we wait until the last minute and just cram everything in our suitcase while some of us make a list and plan carefully. But whether it’s an overnighter, a weekend or longer…whether you are camping or flying first class…we all have to pack…and packing can be a stressful chore.

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What’s on Your Packing List?

And it can be stressful, not only preparing for a trip but, during the trip! Have you ever traveled with someone who literally unpacks and re-packs every day and still can’t seem to find anything? Not fun!

Packing, along with the other aspects of your travel planning, involves decisions…lots of them.  What luggage do I bring? (Assuming you found your luggage!) What should I bring? What should I leave home? If you’re flying, what are the baggage rules today? Should I carry on? What’s the best way to pack? Help!!

Well, there’s a lot of help and advice out there. I find a lot of it quite useful and some of it, frankly, quite amusing. (Sorry, I just can’t get everything I need in a backpack or carry on the size of a toaster!)

So, let me simplify and break it down for you:

In  The Art of Packing I have my Rule of 7 and A Dozen Practical TipZ that you’ll thank me for. (Please hold your applause til the end…)

In addition, Don’t Forget and Don’t Bother, and Before You Go Away are my practical “peace of mind”checklists.

Wardrobe Fatigue – What is It and Is There a Cure for It? is self-explanatory and evolved  from my own experiences.

Thank You for Sharing! A testimonial about following my packing advice.

And some other good advice…How to Survive Airport Security!

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How do you cope with packing for a trip? Any tricks or tips to share?


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