Travel TidBitZ: I Hate It When That Happens!

Today’s Travel TidBitZ:

I Hate It When That Happens!

You’re in Paris, do you really want to spend your time looking for a toothbrush?

Thank you for joining me this morning!  Tidbit is defined as a morsel, snack, bite, treat, a small taste of something…a tiny little bit of information revealed…

Travel TidBitZ** Travel TidBitZ for Monday, June 10th **

I Hate It When That Happens!

You’re on your way to the airport…finally that trip-of-a-lifetime to (fill in the blank!)…But there’s this nagging feeling that there’s something that you forgot to do or bring??

Then you remember…”OMG, my passport!” You don’t remember if you brought it…or you “know” you brought it, but where did you put it?! Whew…after a few panic-stricken moments, passport located, relief…  you’re on your way…

Or maybe that moment was wondering if you remembered to bring or do something…lock all of the doors, bring your prescriptions, leave a key for the pet sitter…get some cash at the ATM….

OK, you’ve covered the home front. Great! You arrive ready to relax and vacation. Your luggage arrived, too (whew!). You need to catch a shuttle or cab to your hotel…uhoh, where’s your reservation with the hotel’s information? You know you have it…somewhere

Travel TidBitZ

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Finally, you made it to your hotel…it’s late, you unpack and can’t wait to take get a good night’s rest and really start vacationing in the morning. First a nice hot shower and … you can’t find your toothbrush!? Maybe the hotel has some, maybe not, but do you really want to spend the first morning of your vacation looking for a drugstore?

They say the devil’s in the details and when it comes to travel it’s often the “little” things that can be frustrating and time consuming, can’t they?

Here’s help so that those devilish details won’t steal precious time from your vacation:

Before You Leave Home

The Art of Packing

Don’t Forget

The Savvy Traveler

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2 Responses to Travel TidBitZ: I Hate It When That Happens!

  1. says:

    These are great suggestions, Victoria! Forgetting your passport would indeed be a HUGE tragedy, but sometimes the small “tragedies,” can be an opportunity to step outside of your itinerary and see some everyday things that offer a brief glimpse into the local culture. One time in Paris, I had remembered my toothbrush but forgotten my toothpaste. I learned that you must see a pharmacist to buy such things…who knew? Anyway, it gave me a chance to try out my 8 or 9 words of French…and then get laughed at by the pharmacist!

    • Postcards from Travel PiZazz says:

      Ciao, Rick!
      Grazie for stopping by and for sharing your experience. I do agree that these little “inconveniences” can lead to “glimpses” into the local lifestyle. I had a similar experience in Paris but it was the need of bandaids (wrong shoes!) and I had NO clue (even with my high school French) how to say it in French…lots of hand gestures and pointing to my blisters worked! Another time in Italy I ran out of eye make-up remover…trying to communicate that one was very interesting.
      Amusing and a learning experience for all parties involved!
      I appreciate your comments~
      A presto!

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