Travel TidBitZ: Making Travel $en$e

Today’s Travel TidBitZ:  Making Travel $en$e

How can we plan a vacation that makes $en$e?

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 travel budget**  Travel TidBitZ  for Monday, March 4th **

Today’s TidBit:  Making Travel $en$e

There’s a lot of talk about budgets these days, isn’t there? A little trimming here, a little belt tightening there, finding that sale or good deal…spending a little less on this, saving for that…

And no doubt, when we start planning that next vacation, it often comes down to dollars and $en$e…a travel budget that we can live with and a trip that we will love.

Is it possible to have it both ways? I say “yes”! And you can $tart here!

Check out my Tip$ on making the most of your travel budget:

15 Essential Tip$ for Planning Your Next Trip


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