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MewZ-ings from the Desk of Lulu-Venice Hat - Book Editor

Lulu LaMew, Editor-in-Chief  &

La Dolce Far Niente Expert

Being Editor-in-Chief for a new author has been a big responsibility! I guess you could say I’ve put on a new hat! It’s a new role for me but one I take very seriously. All of my feline management skills are required!

I dedicate 100% of attention to my editorial duties and demands which, of course, include creative inspiration, meaningful feedback, and editing/proofing. And then there’s the task of assisting and advising with all of the publishing and marketing. (It’s a good thing I have 9 lives!)

Lulu- sittingTotal commitment to my Victoria’s project has included long hours as well as lots of encouraging and consoling snuggles, and approving purrs. (Writers and creative types can be so needy!)

All of this requires regular healthy chow, a good supply of tasty treats, and frequent catnaps (for me, of course) as well as occasional rubs and tickles under the chin and behind-the-ears, etc. (also for me!).

My second responsibility and, my favorite, is being the la dolce far niente expert. La dolce far niente is an Italian expression but any kitty worth its weighLulu sleeping 1t in Greenies knows what it means; “the sweet doing nothing”.

Needless to say, I am also 150% dedicated to fulfilling my obligations and duties in this capacity! (And may I say that la dolce far niente is a pretty wonderful thing for humans, too!)

Speaking of which…duty calls…but do stay tuned for more exciting MewZ!

Since the publication of this post and my book, my sweet Editor-in-Chief has gone to heaven. However, my Lulu will always remain in my heart…

Let's Go to Italy Together!
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Let's Go to Italy Together!

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