Travel SmartZ

“Experience, travel — these are as education in themselves.”

– Euripedes

What’s Your Travel IQ? Travel Smartz is straight talk about those topics that the travel guides don’t always talk about…

Travel SmartZ are those insights, hints, suggestions, experiences, and ideas that we wish someone would’ve shared so we didn’t have to learn the hard way!

Increase YOUR Travel IQ right here! Starting with “Ohhhhh….My Aching Feet!” which was a post I wrote and published soon after launching my blog and which got a great response and “How’s Your ToilEtiquette?” which I have been editing and tweaking for months.

My latest additions are:

But, What Could Go Wrong?”  

“Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”?

10 What Ifs and Worries That Can Snag Your Travel Plans (and Shouldn’t)

Watch Your Step! 10 Faux Pas that Can Trip You Up!

I do hope  that you will find these pages informational and entertaining, maybe even enlightening!

More topics are “under construction” and I would certainly enjoy your input and suggestions…

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