Your furry family member deserves comfort and safety.

Whether they are left in the care of pet sitters, vets or kennels or taken along on your travels, it’s critical to take the following into consideration:

  • More and more locales are pet-friendly: Check for destinations that allow pets and ask about related rules and fees. Most hotel websites indicate if pets are accommodated and if there is any additional fee/deposit. (Some helpful websites are provided below.)
  • Plan lodging ahead: Research your route, make reservations and carry a list of pet-friendly lodging along the way. Also, ask for a room on the ground floor so it is easier to walk your pets. Don’t let your pets stay in the car.
  • Take a test run: Start with short jaunts, slowly increasing. Your vet may recommend medicines such as Cerenia or Dramamine for pet queasiness. Larger dogs need seat belts/a restraint system.
  • ID and contact information:
 Be sure that your furry best friend is wearing a secure collar and travel tags displaying your mobile and/or local contact number. Pack your pet’s vet history, proof of vaccinations, medications & vet’s contact info as well.

Be sure to ask your veterinarian if she recommends heartworm prevention or treatment for fleas or ticks for the area in which you are traveling.

  • Train pets to travel in their crates/carriers: Whether you’re heading to your holiday destination by plane, train or automobile, getting your pets used to their crates/carriers will make the entire traveling experience less stressful. Even when away from home, pets still view their crates as a safe haven from stressful situations.
  • Crate/carrier size: Crates/carries should be large enough for pets to stand and turn around in comfortably. Remember to keep water inside the crate or allow for breaks every three hours so that your pets can drink and stretch.
  • Flying: Small dogs & cats can ride in carriers under seats. Dogs too large must fly as cargo in a USDA-approved kennel & have vet health certificate. It isn’t recommended to transport  your dog this way (we’ve all read the horror stories), but if you must fly, get details from the airline re: requirements and fly nonstop for a smoother trip.
  • Remember to take adequate food, water and creature comforts: Keep pet dishes in your car, as well as extra water and pet food, favorite toys, etc.
  • Try to keep pets on the same “schedule”: Stop when you would normally let your pets out at home and at feeding times.
  • Never leave your pets unattended: Just as you would never leave a child unattended, never leave your pets alone in a car.
  • If your pet is staying home: Be sure that your pet-sitters/kennels know how to reach you in case of emergency, have explicit care and feeding instructions (including any medications), vet contact info and a signed waiver to take them to your vet and have emergency care administered if required.
  • Helpful resources: and provide free listings of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, resorts, attractions and airlines worldwide. can also include spots for cats and other pets.

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