Ready to Choose a Cruise? 10 Questions to Answer First!

Welcome Aboard!

You’re ready to choose a cruise. How do you pick the right cruise for you? Here’s help!

There are hundreds of itineraries and over 500 ports to choose from – you can virtually cruise everywhere there is water!

To help you pick that perfect cruise, I’ve narrowed it down to 10 key critical questions you need to answer first.

Photo Victoria De Maio

1 – What’s on your “bucket list”?

Where in the world do you want to go? Get out or make your list NOW! Dream big!

2 – When can you go and how long can you stay?           

Timing affects availability and pricing. Be sure to add on travel days. Also, cruises book very far in advance so planning ahead is suggested.

3 – What is your budget?

What can you reasonably afford? What is negotiable and what is not? Know your price range, type of accommodations preferred, and pad it a little for extras.

4 –Where have you traveled? Where would you like to travel?

What did you like/not like about those trips?

5 – Have you cruised before?

If you’ve cruised before, what did you like/not like about those cruises?

6- What kind of cruise/vacation are you interested in?

There are literally hundreds of options! Do you want to hit the sunny ports and relax? Do you want to see the glaciers and wildlife in Alaska? Do you just want to cruise for a few days along the coast or perhaps you want to cruise the Mediterranean or the Danube?

7 – Are you celebrating a special occasion?

Cruises are perfect for celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, honeymoons, friend getaways, or groups with similar interests.

8 – Is there anything else you need to factor in to your decision?

For example, do you need to consider physical or dietary restrictions or other concerns? Are you traveling solo, as a couple, as a family?

9 – Have you researched and read the cruise information and reviews carefully

Review and compare itineraries of different cruises you may be interested in. Look very closely at the cruise itinerary and summary of highlights. What’s included? What isn’t?

Read reviews and testimonials, not just on their website or marketing material, but on Cruise Critic, Trip Advisor and similar sites. If possible talk to a travel consultant (me!), friends or referrals. Be sure they are reputable, experienced, and legitimate.  Then make up your own mind.

10 – Have you read the fine print carefully

Do you understand the terms and conditions? What is the payment schedule? What is included? What is excluded? What is the cancellation and refund policy? What exactly is and is not included and what are your options? Meals, accommodations, transportation, entrance or class fees (where applicable), gratuities,, transfers, trip insurance…

Check, double check before you commit.


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