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♥ Gelato: Love from Italy ♥

♥ The Gelato Festival Comes to America! ♥ ♥ For several years I have tried (unsuccessfully) to attend a Gelato Festival in Florence, Italy…but several weeks ago, Gelato Festival America came to me!

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The Gelato Detective Gets the Scoop!

Postcards from La Dolce Vita Update!! Cercare, gustare, amare la dolce vita…con passione! La Dolce Vita Attempts to Lick Her Gelato Obsession… Your Intrepid Gelato Detective was hard at work this April and May in Italy! In an ongoing research … Continue reading

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We Had the Time of Our Lives in Puglia!! (And YOU Will, Too!)

We Fell Head Over HeelZ in Puglia!! Only a few short weeks ago, 12 wonderful fellow travelers and myself fell in love with Puglia, the charming heel of Italy’s boot! After much anticipation and planning, we all arrived and we … Continue reading

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A Special Edition of Travel TidBitZ: A Confession…

Today’s Special TidBitZ: A Confession… OK, it’s time to confess, and spill the beans…you deserve total honesty from me….no use hiding or denying it any longer…I’m coming clean….sigh…I have a sweet tooth and I’m not ashamed to admit it!  When … Continue reading

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Gelato Gems: Remembering My Favorites in Tuscany

My gelato tour continues into Tuscany. It became apparent at the onset of this quest that there were far more worthy gelaterias than I could possibly sample in a mere month. Don’t you agree that, to be fair, another journey … Continue reading

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Gelato Gems: Remembering My Favorites in the Veneto

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Buonissimo!  Italy and gelato… synonymous pleasures. Gelato isn’t a luxury, it’s definitely a necessity! You just haven’t experienced all of the pleasures of traveling in Italy until you’ve sample (lots of) its gelato! Choosing favorites is extremely difficult and, of … Continue reading

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Gelato!! Part 2 ;-)

As we moved into the second half of our adventure, I forced myself to continue to enjoy the incredible gelato of Italy. Of course, my reviews are completely subjective. To make an accurate comparison, I would’ve had to have experienced … Continue reading

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Gelato!! Part 1 ;-)

There are many, many delights that come to mind when one thinks about la Bella Italia and la dolce vita. When planning for this adventure and wanting to bring you with me via this blog, I wanted there to be … Continue reading

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Murano and Burano

We take a private water taxi to two well known islands  – Murano and Burano. Murano is synonymous with glass making, with closely guarded techniques developed over many many centuries. We enjoy a demonstration, a magnificent show room, and, of … Continue reading

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