Enjoying Turkey’s Turkish Delights

“Splendid to arrive alone in a foreign country and feel the assault of difference. Here they are all along, busy with living; they don’t talk or look like me. The rhythm of their day is entirely different; I am foreign. ”

– Frances Mayes

I’m not necessarily referring to the Turkish delight which was a sweet first introduced in Istanbul in the 1700’s. That Turkish delight quickly became a favorite delicacy originally

Turkish Delights

Turkish Delights

enjoyed by the rich and privileged.  Today we can all enjoy Turkish delights…not just the sweet temptation, but the rewarding  delights of this fascinating country.

My long anticipated visit was only to Istanbul and Ephesus, but the impressions are indelible. Dramatic and stunning …my sweet tooth was teased…I want more Turkish delights!


I hope you’ll want to sample Turkey someday, too!

Intriguing Istanbul

Ephesus – Centuries of Ancient Glory


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