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8 Responses to Contact Victoria!

  1. I want to know how record where kept of the cave families read your article about the living condition of cave living in caves. any info about the existance in Compobasso would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Do you have trips to this area? Jean

    • Thank you for contacting me, Jean.
      Regarding the living conditions, you can refer to the links at the bottom of the article for more information. I gleaned much from my visit there and visit to the museum as well. If you google Sassi, Matera, you will find info as well.
      I’m not familiar with Compobasso, Molise – again, perhaps Google for other sites that will have information.
      I do offer tours to Puglia in spring and fall and from there a side trip to Matera can be arranged. (I would recommend 2 days in Matera if possible.)
      Let me know if I can be of further assistance!

  2. Do you have any idea about info about record keeping. Is there local or state records?
    Thanks for any info you can provide. Where can I write in Italy to find answers?

  3. Thanks! I will try your suggestion.Jean

  4. Valentine Ramunno says:

    Hi! I was so excited when I saw your last name is DeMaio. My grandmother’s maternal family name is DeMaio. There were 3 sisters that came here to Ohio/Pennsylvania from Recale, Caserta, Italy in the early 1900s. They were my great-grandmother, Antoinette DeMaio (Rivetti), and two sisters, Columbia DeMaio (Martucci) and Francesca DeMaio (Rivetti). They are said to have had 3 more sisters that were back in Recale, Italy (outside of Naples) with their parents. Their names were Mary, Lunciata, and Carmela DeMaio. The parents of the 6 sisters were Concietta Letizio and Stefano DeMaio.
    I know its a real long shot that we would be connected but I thought I’d share anyway. I have been researching the family for about 40 years and just in the last 5-10 have managed to find over 707 names on my family tree. I find it amazing that in only 2 or 3 generations people lose touch completely. Fortunately, my grandparents, Victoria Rivetti and Frank Vitucci, shared a lot of their knowledge because they wanted their grandchildren to know about our past.
    I also wanted to share the names I see over & over which are Stefano/Steve, Clement, Antoinette, Rose and Victoria (about 5 of each so far). Something to be sais for keeping up the tradition of naming children after their grandparents. Hard to keep straight except for the unique nicknames to help tell so many people with the same name apart…but if you find a string of names in your family, they’re also in your family’s past which helps in tracking family. Also, where I find the name DeMaio, I also find the Rivetti (French/Italian origin) name here in the US.
    Maybe a few hundred years down the line we were related. ; )
    Enjoyed your FB page!
    Ms. Valentine Antoinette Ramunno… aka Valli Rome on FB…

    • Valentine,
      Grazie for sharing! It seems as though you have done a lot of research! Wonderful…
      So, in fact, originally, my grandfather was Carmelo Di Maio, born in Castelventrano. It got changed to De Maio sometime after coming to the US – I believe for simplying pronunciation but…
      My Sicilian grandmother was from Nicosia. They married and lived in NYC.
      When I started researching several years ago I was surprised at how many Carmelo Di Maio’s there were in Sicily! Di Maio is, apparently, a very common name in the south.
      Of course, one never knows – I haven’t done more research but plan to visit Castelvetrano and Nicosia in October…

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