Let’s Take a Stroll Through…Lecce’s Marvelous Food Market!

Let's Go to Italy Together!I’m not sure why so much that I write about centers around food (hmmmm…), but I’m especially fond of  visiting Italy’s food markets and the friendly (and hard working) artisans who proudly display and offer their local produce, delicacies, and specialties.

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Today, let’s take a stroll through Lecce’s sensational food market! Puglia - Lecce Market

Lecce is the capital of the Salento region of Puglia and although it is known as the “Florence of the South” for it’s euphoric and exuberant Baroque architecture, it’s also a food lovers’ paradise!  

If you fall into the foodie or “I just love food” category, you must find your way to their fabulous covered market which is open daily (except Sundays).

Let me take you there now!

Puglia - Lecce MarketIn the central area are all of the fresh, local seasonal vegetables and fruits. It’s oh-so-tempting to pinch and squeeze but non tocare (no touching!) is the rule here!

Walking around the perimeter you can pick up fresh breads and baked goods, cheese, olives, spices and condiments, seafood, meats and salami, and even great vino by the jug! If you’re lucky (and we are because we’re being personally escorted by Michele of YLTours!), you’ll get a few tasty samples.

(Oh, they should issue a warning that a sample is never enough!)

It’s not difficult to see what will be on the menu tonight! And we know it will be as fresh and delicious…but first? Time for lunch!Let's Go to Italy Together!If you would like to visit Lecce’s market and savor many of the other delights of the Salento, join me next spring or fall in Puglia!


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4 Responses to Let’s Take a Stroll Through…Lecce’s Marvelous Food Market!

  1. I’m with you…the food markets are the life blood of a place and they are abuzz…and the goodies! Hope you have a connection for some Puglian EVOO?

    • Ancora, ciao amica Phyllis! I just LOVE food markets – yes, they are the life blood of a place. Learn so much and love connecting with the artisans. Of course, I have connections! On our visits, we shop as we go and then enjoy later that day ;D.
      Are you tempted yet to join me for harvest in Puglia next fall? ;D
      I hope so!!!!

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