Let’s Take a Stroll Through…the Central Market of Florence

After visiting the Uffizi, David, and the Duomo, let’s take a stroll and visit the Central Market of Florence…

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Located in the historic San Lorenzo neighborhood of Florence, Mercato Centrale Firenze opened in spring of 2014. The original building, on the first floor, was built in 1874. Designed by Giuseppe Mengoni (who also designed Milan’s famous Galleria), it is also characterized by its bright and airy design.

Mercato Centralo Firenze was conceived by Umberto Montano and Claudio Cardini who have taken Mengoni’s design to new heights. Similar to what we would call a “food court” in the States, the Mercato doesn’t have fast food vendors, oh no…this is gastronomic heaven!

Local artisans offer the highest quality Tuscan specialties including: meats and salami, fresh pasta, fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, vegetarian dishes, gelato, a bakery, wine, dolci, cheeses, and more!  There’s even an Eataly shop, an ATM/banking kiosk and a cooking school!

With 500 seats and open from 10 a.m. until midnight, you can shop, snack and dine here. The only hard part? Deciding what to try first!

Buon Appetito!

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9 Responses to Let’s Take a Stroll Through…the Central Market of Florence

  1. Just an awesome place! We loved it…don’t go on a Saturday! It’s pazzo!!! OMG…wish we had something like that here…real food and wine and all sorts of goodies!

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  3. Mmmm, tasty tasty tasty!! Mum and I popped in this summer and stuffed ourselves on fresh, fabulous food! I’ll definitely be back!!

  4. Paula says:

    Agreed! It was a lovely space – very welcoming and accessable for first time visitors. Also a great contrast to the old markets below – after browsing around there you can go upstairs for a quick lunch and a glass of vino.

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