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Dear Followers and Subscribers,

First of all, my sincerest grazie for all of your support in the past – I really don’t know how to thank you! Some of you may have already received an email from me but, just in case…I’m writing to ask a favor…

There is hardly a lover of all things Italian who doesn’t love Italy Magazine. AND, as a blogger/writer, to be acknowledged by Italy Magazine is truly something to aspire to…

Italy Magazine blogger-awards

This year is the second year of their Italy Blogger Awards and, since I’m guessing that many of you don’t get their e-newsletter or are on Twitter or Facebook as much as I am, I wanted to bring this to your attention…​and I am asking for your support to be nominated.

Competition is fierce – no doubt about it. If it were Dancing with the Stars, I’m definitely the rookie contestant, but nothing ventured and all that, right? So?

So…I am asking for just a few minutes of your time…

I am hoping that one of my articles,
can be nominated for  “Best Single Travel Post”

Below is the link and all of the info you will need to submit a Nomination.

Click here for the Italy Magazine Blogger Award Nomination link

Here is the information for the Form:

Blogger Award Nomination Form

Name *
(Name of person nominating blog – that’s you!)

Blog Title * Postcards from Travel PiZazz

Blog URL *www.PostcardsfromTravelPiZazz.com
If nominating a post please enter the link to that specific post (see below)

Blog URL for Article:  



Contact E-mail *
(Contact email for person nominating blog – that’s you!)

Nomination Category *

Check: √ Best Single Travel Post

Single Blog Title

Made in Puglia or
Spotlight on: A Buffalo Mozzarella Farm

(And by the way, you can vote in more than one Category and you are welcome to share this email with others.)

If you have any questions, – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this!

Grazie mille!

* * *

Lulu-Venice Hat - Book EditorA Note from the Editor-in-Chief:

I wanted to personally thank mew for your time and for your help. (I hope you didn’t have to sacrifice a nap…)

You are appreciated!


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